Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amos Tamam

With the busy cities such as New York, it is a blessing to not be able to have to drive in it.  That is where cab services come in.  And with the every changing technology, the cab services need to keep up with the times.

One person who helped in accomplishing the goal of enhancing and keep the cab industry up to par is Amos Tamam.  He started by servicing taxi cabs in New York City and is now the CEO of Verifone. 

Amos Tamam first started servicing taxi cabs and then worked on the taxi meters and systems to improve fleet management and fuel management for fleet owners. 

Amos Tamam’s most innovative advancement, which was in 2007, was the ability for taxi cabs to accept credit cards.  In doing this, it helps keep the cab drivers from handling so much cash which will most likely keep them from getting robbed.

So, next time you are in a taxi cab, take a look; you may see some much needed technology to help you get there and get out faster.

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