Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trying to find Glasses I like…..

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a stigmatism.  From then on it appears that my eyes are only getting worse.  Eye doctor said that I could do the laser surgery but I would still have to wear glasses.  GREAT!

My eye care place seems to never have the glasses I want, so I go online looking as I do everywhere else.  I managed to find a place that has a HUGE selection of glasses of all shapes and sizes…..www.eyeglasses.com

They have their selection sectioned off to men’s, women’s, children’s, retro style which is my favorite as well as shopping by brand name.

Take a look at their website for those who seek something different in eye wear. 

Below are John Lennon Glasses.  My love of John Lennon and music makes this an awesome choice.

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