Monday, October 5, 2009

RENEW International

RENEW International is a Roman Catholic ministry. For the past three decades, RENEW International, has been helping over 150 dioceses in the United States to foster spiritual renewal in the Catholic tradition. RENEW International works with the diocese to provide programs and materials to help each diocese meet their annual goals. The impact of RENEW International is vast having already touched the lives of 25 million people through its ministry services both in this country and in 23 countries around the world.

RENEW International has timely ways to serve the pastoral needs of parishes and people. We offer a full range of spiritual processes with step-by-step guides, sound materials and personal support for pastors, ministry leaders and participants.

The Mission of RENEW International

RENEW International fosters spiritual renewal
in the Catholic tradition
by empowering individuals and communities
to encounter God in everyday life,
deepen and share faith, and connect faith with action.

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